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Doug Badger, Cellist

Concerts & Recordings


ENJOY a very busy and varied career as a performer and recording artist, so much so that often the greatest challenge is remembering what I’m supposed to be practising next! Read more from the links on the right.

Please use the media player below to listen to excerpts from recent chamber
music concerts and recordings. Unfortunately, for copyright reasons, I am
unable to include examples of my work with professional orchestras,
but you may find out more about those on my Links page.

  1. Cello sonata by Tim Jackson, 1st Movt
  2. Cello sonata by Tim Jackson, 2nd Movt
  3. Cello sonata by Tim Jackson, 3rd Movt
  4. Ravel Piano Trio, 1st Movt, Modéré
  5. Ravel Piano Trio, 2nd Movt, Modéré
  6. Ravel Piano Trio, 3rd Movt, Modéré
  7. Ravel Piano Trio, 4th Movt, Modéré